About G-REX

We create gloves with promising future

How to combine convenience with maximum protection? Can the glove be both lightweight and durable? The market lacked clear answers.

Leveraging long-term industry know-how and expertise and basing on the needs of the customer, we decided to create our own glove design that would fully meet our expectations.

We have carefully selected materials, textures, patterns and styles, ensuring that their quality always goes hand in hand with functionality. All inserts, coatings and cuffs have been enriched through the use of innovative technologies for maximum protection and comfort. Every detail of the glove, even the smallest – from the end of the finger coated with breathable material to the ribbed wrist – has been carefully thought out to meet the needs of the wearer. Ready-made models had been subjected to rigorous testing, that has confirmed the strength and safety of our products.

That’s how the G-REX brand was born – a revolution initiated by glove enthusiasts who constantly work on solutions that improve your comfort and safety at work.